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Platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven
Environment: Delphi 5 or higher
Download size: 0.55 MB
Price: free

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Put all your program's or game's resources into a single file, compress and encrypt it and get necessary resources from inside application with a single command.TResManager is intended for keeping and fast'n'easy access to program's resources. It is not a single component but a package which consists of the component and the program that creates and manages resource files. Here are the main features of TResManager:

  • You can get and use your resources in the way like this:

  • Resource file can contain internal tree of files and folders with any degree of complexity
  • You can pack files with any types and sizes
  • Internal transparent GZip compression. You can get needed file without unpacking them all
  • ZipCode encryption of resource file with lengthy password
  • Preloading of needed resources for better performance
  • Automatic managment of temporary files

Download TResManager now for free!

Castor69 (17 Mar 2009, 11:43)

If I see well output file is only ZIP archive? What about Delphi 2009 support?

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