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Language modules for Speaking Notepad

Language Download Last update date Speaking Notepad's version Author name
English language module English Download 27.02.2010

5.2.1.xxxx and previous

Russian language module Russian Download 27.02.2010

5.2.1.xxxx and previous

Brazilian language module Brazilian Download 17.05.2009 5.1.7.xxxx and previous Valdemar Ortega
Turkish language module Turkish Download 15.07.2008 5.1.7.xxxx and previous Alper Kaya
Spanish language module Spanish Download 14.11.2007 5.0.xxxx and previous Graciela Caldara
Norwegian language module Norwegian Download 21.05.2007 5.0.xxxx and previous Jon A. Berge

Installation instructions

1. Select language you want to use and download it to your computer.

2. Extract downloaded zip-archive to "Languages" folder of your Speaking Notepad's location (as a rule, C:\Program Files\Speaking Notepad\Languages\). It contains from 1 to 3 files (language file, country flag and tips file).

3. Open File -> Preferences window, select downloaded language from the list of languages and click on Load button. If you don't see any language in the list, click on any its item and press F5 button - the list will be refreshed.

4. Click "OK" and enjoy!

* If you see the version of language module blinking in "Language information" window then it is earlier than the version of program. In this case you should download more recent version of language module instead of blinking one.

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