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How to record text to MP3 player?

Are you a person who can't imagine one's life without up-to-date technologies and innovative devices which make your life more saturating and productive? Then, without doubt, you have an MP3 player, iPod or any other portable device permitting you to be always in the know of the latest news and make the most of your time. You can surely benefit from listening to an MP3 player, for example, if you get a useful audio book containing important information, which will help you in your studies or work. Moreover, you can create your own audio library of books or other data and record text to speech to be listened later on MP3 player or iPod.

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Everybody knows that it's possible to record one's own audio MP3 file using a microphone. However, it's not very convenient as such recording requires much time since you have to read the text to be recorded aloud by yourself. Besides, the quality of this audio file may be quite mediocre if your microphone and oratorical skills are far from being perfect. In that case, you can make use of new text-to-speech TTS technologies and recording text to speech software.

Record texts to Mp3 audio files using read aloud programs!

Read aloud programs as well as text to speech software have already proved their extremely high utility in recording audio files and even audio books from ordinary texts. With the help of Speaking Notepad, the most powerful text to speech software, you can create your own audio books and save your time and energy, as with this program you'll be able to listen to the whole set of information on your Mp3 player without straining your eyes. Speaking Notepad, handy and high-functional text to speech software, can read aloud various text formats along side with htm- and html-files using only intelligible and natural sounding voices. Besides such useful functions as spelling checking and reading words at the very process of your typing, Speaking Notepad can convert any text to audio Wav or MP3 file. Record text files to MP3 audio files to listen on your MP3 player or iPod by downloading Speaking Notepad right now!

DownloadDownload 1st Read It Aloud Now!

Among numerous read aloud programs it is 1st Read It Aloud, that is favorably marked out by its extreme ease of use. This TTS software converts any text to speech without copying it into the clipboard. All you need is to select the text in any application, press the hot key defined according to your likings and start listening how your computer reads aloud. 1st Read It Aloud supports both SAPI4 and SAPI5 voice formats and will surely make your work with text documents quick and enjoyable. Start converting texts, ebooks, emails, information from web pages and other data to speech right now by downloading 1st Read It Aloud for free!

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