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How to record your own audio books?

It's not hot news that listening to audio books can be of great assistance both in studying and working. The benefits of using audio books are hard to enumerate: even if you are listening to some information in a background mode without paying special attention to it, the most important facts will stick to your memory. And if you are listening to one and the same audio book several times, you may be sure that you will learn it practically by heart without actual straining your brains.

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It's no wonder, that nowadays thousands of audio books are available and those who have iPods, Mp3 players or other portable devices can listen to audio books whenever, wherever and as long as they want. However, it still presents some difficulty to find the very book you are interested in. That's why many people wonder how to record audio books by their own. The most simple and efficient answer is to use text to speech technologies and read aloud programs, which permit you to convert any text file to speech and record your own audio books in one click.

Record your own audio books using text to speech TTS software!

Speaking Notepad is powerful and handy text to speech software, which read aloud various text formats and converts speech to MP3 or Wav files, so that you can create your own audiobook library not only of text books, but of your own reports, speeches, presentations and other documentation. With Speaking Notepad, a smart and high-functional text to speech program, it will become extremely easy to share information in the form of podcasts to be listened to on iPods. Speaking Notepad provides a number of high-quality SAPI4 and SAPI5 voices, which sound natural and intelligible, so that audio books and podcasts created from texts will be easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. With Speaking Notepad you'll forget about long and boring searching for necessary audio books and you'll be able to decide yourself what to listen to on your MP3 player or iPod. Create audio versions of all necessary files at a go and record audiobooks with ease by downloading Speaking Notepad right now!

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Those who want to manage documents and text files in a crack will certainly pay attention to another text to speech program 1st Read It Aloud. Using this text to speech TTS software you select the text which is to be read in any application, press the hot key and your computer will start reading this text aloud without copying it into the clipoard. Supporting both SAPI4 and SAPI5 voice formats 1st Read It Aloud provides you with comprehensive system of voice and hot key settings, so that your work with this handy text to speech converter becomes easy and quick. Make your computer read aloud emails, web pages, text documents and download 1st Read It Aloud right now!

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