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How to create audio books by yourself?

It's no wonder that audio books have recently become very popular: listening to audio books is entertaining, useful and effective time spending. It's also wide spreading of portable audio players such as the iPod and their "occurring everywhere" application that have brought audio books on the charts and causes a boom in audio books creating. That's why more and more people nowadays ask questions: How to make audio book by oneself? and What programs do we need to create audio books at home?

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Indeed, conveting texts to audio files, in general, and creating audiobooks, in particular, are very useful for every person. When you can't find an audio book on information you are interested in or don't want to buy it, you can create your own audio book using innovative text to speech TTS software and read aloud programs. Speaking Notepad is the very text to speech converter, with which you'll be able to convert text to MP3 or Wav audio files and create your own audio book library on the necessary subject.

Create audio books from texts using Speaking Notepad!

With Speaking Notepad, the best text to speech software with natural and clear voices, you can burn your e-books, speeches or other documents to audio files, choose the voice and adjust its speed and pitch according to your needs and likings. With this text to speech program you can create unlimited number of audio books on your own from any text you have and listen to them on iPods, PocketPCs CD players and other portable devices while walking, driving or doing something else. With Speaking Notepad, powerful text to speech converter, you'll find out that it's extremely easy to make your own audio books and you'll always have something useful to listen to in your spare moments. Start creating audio books right now by downloading Speaking Notepad - handy read aloud program!

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Have a trial of another text to speech TTS software - 1st Read It Aloud, which is able to convert to speech any text selected by you in any application. Just press the hot key and listen how your computer reads aloud emails, web pages, notes and other text documents in a natural sounding voice. Comprehensive system of hot key settings and voice adjustments provided by 1st Read It Aloud will make your work with any text documents quick and comfortable. Using this text to speech converter you'll save a lot of time and achieve high results in work or studyings. Convert text to speech with ease by downloading 1st Read It Aloud - smart and swift TTS software!

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