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How to convert text to Wav files in one click?

You can make your computer create Wav audio files from any text document. What exactly is a Wav audio file? WAV or WAVE audio format is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing audio on PCs. WAV format has recently declined in popularity, as Wav audio files are quite large in size, that's why when you want to share audio files over the Internet you'd better use some other format of audio files.

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Nevertheless, Wav audio files remain very popular and widespread audio file format. They are used with a variety of software applications and professional users and experts appreciate them for high audio quality, as they keep all the samples of an audio track. That's why converting documents to Wav audio files presents some interest for those who want to create Wav files from texts of various formats and listen to them instead of reading.

Convert text to Wav audio files using text to speech software!

With new innovative text to speech TTS technologies and read aloud programs you can convert any text or document into Wav audio files in one click! Speaking Notepad, a handy and high functional text to speech software, can read aloud text documents, rich formatted texts, Microsoft Word documents, html- and htm-files and convert any of these text formats to audio files, including Wav and Mp3 audio files.

When recording an audio file with Speaking Notepad you can set up its sample rate, resolution and number of channels to suit your personal requirements and preferences. Speaking Notepad, powerful text to speech and text to audio converter, which uses extremely intelligible and natural sounding voices, will help you to convert text to Wav file with great ease and with Speaking Notepad you'll begin working with comfort and efficiency. Create numerous Wav audio files from texts and documents by downloading Speaking Notepad right now!

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If you want to give rest to your eyes and find an easy-to-use and smart text to speech converter, you'll surely appreciate another our TTS software - 1st Read It Aloud - at its true value. Using 1st Read It Aloud you can enable your computer to convert to speech any text selected in any application. All you need to make your computer read this text aloud is to press the hot key defined by you beforehand. With this text to speech program converting text to speech becomes extremely easy: you even needn't copy the text into the clipboard! Supporting SAPI4 and SAPI5 voice formats 1st Read It Aloud ensures that you'll enjoy listening to intelligible and clear speech. Don't muff the chance - download 1st Read It Aloud - quick and smart text to speech converter!

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