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How to convert texts to podcasts in a crack?

It's no wonder, that creating podcasts and converting texts to audio have recently made a smash hit, as it's the easiest way to share audio files with other people and to listen to whatever you want at any time. Yet the process of making one's own podcasts may become cumbersome and time-consuming, if you haven't got a high-quality microphone, for example, or special podcasting software. However, new text to speech TTS technologies can be of great use for all podcasters, as they help to save time and to achieve high results in converting text to audio files and creating high-quality podcasts.

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What are the main advantages of using text to speech TTS software while creating podcasts and audio files from texts?

  • You needn't use special podcast programs
  • You needn't read the text aloud by yourself
  • You needn't use a microphone
  • You needn't worry about the comprehensibility of the podcast

Convert texts to podcasts and audio files with ease using TTS programs!

No doubt, read aloud programs are of considerable assistance for those who want to convert documents to podcasts and listen to texts on iPod. Speaking Notepad is a powerful text to speech program, which will help you to create podcasts in a crack! Being high-quality text to speech software Speaking Notepad provides only natural sounding and intelligible voices and you can choose one of numerous different speakers with different accents to suit your own requirements.

Speaking Notepad is able not only to read aloud any text document, but also to convert text to MP3 or Wav audio files. Moreover, Speaking Notepad can read aloud htm- and html-files, so you can convert them to audio and listen to them on your iPod at your convenience. And don't worry about the quality of the podcasts, as Speaking Notepad, smart and handy text to speech software, let you set up such properties as voice speed and pitch. Using this read aloud software you may be sure that your podcasts will be understandable and well-done and you will save a lot of time. Start converting text to audio files and making podcasts in a flash by downloading Speaking Notepad!

DownloadDownload 1st Read It Aloud Now!

You can convert text to speech and listen to it on your computer with the help of another TTS program - 1st Read It Aloud. All you need to make your computer read aloud for you is to select the necessary text in any application and press the hot key defined by you. Forget about copying the text into the clipboard: just press the hot key and listen to intelligible speech. 1st Read it Aloud being modern text to speech software supports both SAPI4 and SAPI5 voice formats and has powerful system of voice settings. Listen to text documents, emails, web pages at your convenience by downloading 1st Read It Aloud - swift and smart text to speech converter!

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