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Word stress and pronunciation of difficult words

One of the numerous problems, with which every person faces when teaching pronunciation, is the word stress. The great difficulties emerge due to the fact that there are a lot of words - exceptions, which do not stick to pronunciation rules and therefore it's hard to find the syllable which is stressed.

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In linguistics, stress is defined as the emphasis that is given to certain syllables in a word, that is why stressed syllables are often perceived as being more forceful than non-stressed syllables. Languages can be differentiated according to the place of word stress. The traditional classification of languages concerning place of stress in a word is into those with a fixed stress and those with a free stress.

In languages with a fixed stress the occurrence of the word stress is limited to a particular syllable in a word. For instance, in French the stress falls on the last syllable of the word and finding stressed syllables presents no difficulty. In languages with a free stress its place is not confined to a specific position in the word. In one word it may fall on the first syllable, in another on the second syllable, in the third word - on the last syllable, etc. The free placement of stress can be found in the English language for example.

How to find the stressed syllable in a word in languages with a free stress?

There are two pronunciation rules which are right for all languages and help you in finding stressed syllables and in pronouncing difficult words:

  • one word has only one stress. Though some words may have a secondary stress, it is much weaker than the first one and practically unnoticeable in oral language
  • stress falls only on vowels, not on consonants

Every language has its own pronunciation rules concerning the position of the word stress, but one shouldn't rely on rules which are presented in pronunciation guides too much, because there are a lot of exceptions. That's why word pronunciation and finding stressed syllables is a matter of some difficulties for those who study foreign languages.

So, in order to speak correctly you should consult a pronunciation dictionary every time he/she comes across a new word to find out it pronunciation. Besides, you can use text to speech TTS technologies and read aloud programs to pronounce accurately even difficult words without wasting time on searching their pronunciation in dictionaries.

Get to know pronunciation and word stress at a go using TTS and read aloud software!

Modern text to speech programs are of great assistance for those who want to obtain good pronunciation skills and find stressed syllables in a crack. Speaking Notepad, being handy and powerful read aloud software, will let you know not only of the position of the word stress, but the pronunciation of the word as a whole. You can record the list of the most difficult words for pronunciation to Mp3 and Wav audio files to listen to them on portable devices at your convenience and remember the pronunciation of words. Using only natural sounding and clear voices Speaking Notepad presents the best pronunciation teaching software, which will help you to improve your speech and pronunciation skills. Cope with pronunciation of difficult words and find word stress in one click by downloading Speaking Notepad right now!

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If you really want to attain accurate pronunciation, our another text to speech TTS program 1st Read It Aloud will certainly attract your attention. This extremely easy-to-use read aloud software will help you to get to know pronunciation of words, phrases or even texts by simple pressing the hot key defined by you beforehand. All you need is to select the necessary piece of text in any application and press the hot key - 1st Read It Aloud will make your computer convert this text to speech in an intelligible voice chosen by you. Improve your pronunciation skills with ease by downloading 1st Read It Aloud - swift and handy text to speech software!

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