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Listen to songs and film dialogues to improve your intonation skills

Many language learners feel uncertain and self-conscious about their pronunciation skills. The reason for it may be not only incorrect pronunciation of words, but also incorrect intonation.

What do we mean when speaking about intonation and why is intonation so important for those who want to improve their pronunciation skills?

In linguistics, the term "intonation" can be defined as the variation of pitch of the voice when speaking. Along with the word stress the intonation represents a significant element of linguistic prosody. In respect of intonation characteristics all languages can be divided into two large groups. The languages which use pitch to convey some ideas or concepts, for example, surprise, irony, etc. or to change a statement to a question, are called intonation languages: English and French are well-known examples. Some languages use pitch to recognize words: these are tonal languages: Thai and Hausa are examples. An intermediate position is occupied by languages with tonal word accent, for instance Norwegian or Japanese.

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So, the importance of intonation and stress in speaking is hard to be overestimated. If you want a native speaker to understand you, you should improve your intonation and speech. There are many strategies in teaching pronunciation skills, correct word stress and accurate intonation, here you'll find the most useful of them.

What are the main means of improving intonation while teaching pronunciation?

While teaching pronunciation and especially intonation it's necessary to remember that the best way to achieve quick result is constant practicing. First of all you should make up your mind what variant of the language you want to focus on. For example, English pronunciation differs greatly from American pronunciation, and their intonation patterns can be different as well. Then start listening to speech of native speakers as frequently as possible. You may listen to radio programs, songs, watching TV shows, films and so on. But the most important is not only to listen to pronunciation, but to repeat phrases and try to imitate the speakers. However, you can use text to speech TTS technologies and read aloud programs which can help you to improve intonation skills and teach stress and pronunciation.

How to improve intonation skills, stress and speech using TTS programs?

In order to make the fulfillment of pronunciation exercises more comfortable and efficient you can use Speaking Notepad - a handy text to speech software - which will make improving your intonation skills and speech much easier. With Speaking Notepad, powerful read aloud program, you can pause text reproduction at any moment and repeat a phrase as many times as you need it. Besides you can set the speed and the pitch of the voice in accordance with your level of language knowledge. And finally you can record your favourite parts of texts or dialogues to Mp3 and Wav audio files and improve your pronunciation skills, intonation and stress at your convenience. Speaking Notepad being modern text to speech TTS software supports only intelligible and high-quality voices. Make teaching pronunciation easy and efficient by downloading Speaking Notepad - the best read aloud and text to speech program.

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Try another text to speech software 1st Read It Aloud - extremely quick and easy-to-use TTS converter. With 1st Read It Aloud you make your computer read aloud by selecting the necessary text and pressing the hot key. Using this handy read aloud program you can convert emails, notes, texts and other documents to speech without copying them to clipboard. Press the hot key and listen to natural sounding voice reading aloud all your texts! Check up your pronunciation and intonation in one click - download 1st Read It Aloud right now!

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